West Wind Web Connection Conference ~ 17-18 October 2007

Just a couple more weeks to the West Wind Web Connection conference in Mesa, Arizona. As with years past, the WC conference is right before the Southwest Fox conference. I can’t wait! I’ve talked to most of the attendees on the WC forums, and a few by phone, over the last few years. It will be great to finally meet them in person. I’ll be participating this year during the “show and tell” portion of the conference. I’ve built almost 50 apps now with jQuery and the Visual Foxpro/Web connection bundle. My wife Sarah is excited too. This will be her first time on a commercial airliner, ever. She is currently 13 weeks pregnant (due date is 04/06/08) with our next child, so now is a good time to travel and take a vacation before it is to late. We’re bringing lots of barf bags, should be exciting!

West Wind Web Connection Conference

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