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One of the strongest reasons to use jQuery is the plugin extensibility. I’ve been highlighting some plugins each month that I find work well cross browser. The jQuery community has grown very fast, but some plugins these days don’t work cross browser either due to bugs or no desire by the developers to support a particular browser (IE6 for example). While I don’t agree with this, such decisions are left to the discretion of the developer.

Here is my list of must have plugins for jQuery…


  • Autocomplete
    This stalwart of jQuery plugin has been recently updated and is as useful as ever.
  • BlockUI
    Mike Alsup, the form plugin author, also has this great plugin that I use for confirmations and to focus the user to make a decision.
  • Cookies
    A super easy way to manage cookies the jQuery way.
  • Cycle
    Mike Alsup has another winner here. Great for animated image slideshows.
  • File Tree
    A very pretty file tree that was super easy to implement in Web Connection.
  • Forms
    Mike Alsup has created a must have here with his forms plugin. Ajax-ified forms at their easiest.
  • getUrlParameter
    Mathias Bank has a small, but very useful plugin here for getting parameters from either the document querystring or from a source attribute.
  • idTabs
    I’ve written about idTabs before.
  • Impromptu
    BlockUI from Mike Alsup is awesome, this is just a little lighter and less code for relatively simple dialogs.
  • jqTouch
    A jQuery and CSS framework for iPhone development.
  • jStore
    Cross browser client side storage using html5, gears, flash, session, and local storage.
  • Lava Lamp Menu
    This menu showcases a very unique lava lamp effect on hover.
  • LiveQuery
    When you absolutely, positively have to keep an event bound no matter what happens to your DOM.
  • Masked Input
    Keeping users honest.
  • Quick Search
    Take a list or table and search through it as you type. See it in action live on the Salem Clinic website
  • Table Sorter
    This plugin has it all: Multi-column sorting, paging, and striping.

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