New jQuery plugins and resources [September 2009]

I continue to be a big fan of jQuery. I’ve recently came across several plugins, two books, and some great demos. jQuery is growing fast, getting better, and still has a enthusiastic community that’s ready to help. Here is my updated list for September 2009…

Plugins and Demos

jQuery Desktop


Demo | Source | Author: Nathan Smith

jQuery Week Calendar


Demo | Source

jQuery Monthly Calendar


Demo | Source



Demo | Source


If you’re looking to get into cross browser client side storage with HTML5, Gears, or flash this is a great jQuery plugin.

Demo | Documentation | Source

Simpla Admin, a jQuery-powered web based administration system


Demo | Source


Learning jQuery 1.3 from Packt Publishing is a useful update to the previous edition that I reviewed here. It’s a great reference and refresher for jQuery developers at all levels.

jQuery Enlightenment from Cody Lindley is a recent release. I’ve heard rave reviews from jQuery/Twitter users. Everyone should get a copy. It’s only $15!

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