Must have jQuery plugins [May 2008]

Here is my current list of must have jQuery plugins as of May 2008. I don’t start a project without the latest version of these plugins in my javascript directory.

  • Forms
    Mike Alsup has created a must have here with his forms plugin. Ajax-ified forms at their easiest.
  • File Tree
    A very pretty file tree that was super easy to implement in Web Connection.
  • idTabs
    I’ve written about idTabs before.
  • Masked Input
    Keeping users honest
  • BlockUI
    Mike Alsup, the form plugin author, also has this great plugin that I use for confirmations and to focus the user to make a decision.
  • LiveQuery
    When you absolutely, positively have to keep an event bound no matter what happens to your DOM.
  • Quick Search
    Take a list or table and search through it as you type. See it in action live on the Salem Clinic website.

All of these work with the latest version of jQuery that I have in production (1.2.3).

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3 thoughts on “Must have jQuery plugins [May 2008]

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  2. I would very much like to see the Web Connection code for the File Tree.

    I can’t figure out what the return data should look like from the PHP example.


    Marty Glynn

  3. I’m going to the West Wind Conference later this month.

    How would you feel about me demoing (and distributing) your filetree code to the attendees.

    Rick solicits user inputs/demos and I think this would be very appreciated.

    I won’t pretend I wrote it.

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