Must have jQuery plugins [July 2008]

Here is my current list of must have jQuery plugins as of July 2008. I don’t start a project without the latest version of these plugins in my javascript directory.

  • Impromptu
    BlockUI from Mike Alsup is awesome, this is just a little lighter and less code for relatively simple dialogs.
  • Cycle
    Mike Alsup has another winner here. Great for animated image slideshows.
  • Cookies
    A super easy way to manage cookies the jQuery way.
  • Lava Lamp Menu
    This menu showcases a very unique lava lamp effect on hover.
  • Table Sorter
    This plugin has it all: Multi-column sorting, paging, and striping.
  • Autocomplete
    This stalwart of jQuery plugin has been recently updated and is as useful as ever.

More information

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1 thought on “Must have jQuery plugins [July 2008]

  1. I’m a VFP West-Wind developer and I found this very useful.

    One Note: Taconite- doesn’t work using Eval & Cdata & Firefox 3 (it does work with IE)

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