Keyword Fun

People end up at my blog from the strangest search terms into Google, Yahoo, or Live. Here are some of my favorites to date…

  • roast seagull (tastes like chicken!)
  • halo recipe (one part FPS, two parts money)
  • dvt behind knee pictures photos (I get a lot of hits on my post about blood clots, not sure pictures exist though)
  • cheesing (tons of hits for this, must have been a short lived meme somewhere)
  • gmail 502 error (I can tell whenever this particular error strikes gmail. I’ll get a flood of hits on it for several hours and then nada for a few days.)
  • bf2142 stats (still lots of hits for this, no idea why.)
  • prosper success stories (…but there are so few of them)
  • liquid web down (as with the gmail thing. tons of hits when it happens.)
  • how fast is grid-service from mediatemple (Molasses on cold winter day)
  • deep dark questions “you can ask” (+1 Insightful)
  • used diapers for sale (err…no thanks)
  • reasons to be a pc gamer in 2008 (fun?)
  • what is hosted on media temple (websites. thank you for playing.)
  • what is the question i can ask to my friends (42)

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