PC Club closing effective immediately!

KGW is running a story that PC Club is shuttering their doors effective immediately. I quickly called the local Salem store and talked to one of my favorite techs there, Adam. He confirmed the story. I hesitated for a few moments out of shock. I regained my thought processes and thanked him for all his help over the years and wished him luck. It is a sad day for Salem. Our computer stores are dominated by big box chains and junk resellers. If anybody knows of a good store in Salem where I can get parts and advice, I’d love to know about it. Otherwise, newegg.com is by new best friend. For the parts at least…

5 thoughts on “PC Club closing effective immediately!

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  3. NO! NO! NO! Lancaster Salem PC Club… These guys are the ONLY reason my small business remains COMPUTERIZED in the 20th century! Leaving a VOID is an understatement! How could this happen? The knowledge of the employees alone is without a doubt; PRICELESS! In addition, each and every one of these guys has integrity! This combination SHOULD ONLY END IN SUCCESS! Start your business boys! If I can do it, so can you! And….. Please if any of you guy’s are out there, get a hold of me! As per usual, I NEED YOU! Char @ RZPaving@yahoo.com

  4. Just Great! I finally get a computer that works and people who said they would offer any support I may need, now leave me hung out to dry!
    I loaded on Pinnacle’s ‘Studio Media Suite’ and I can’t use it because it says I don’t have administrative privileges. Administrator is the only account on the computer! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.
    Thanks guys!

  5. This sucks- They were closer than Fry’s, more knowledgeable, and much easier to work with. I bought a machine from them and got them to sell it with no OS or software packages for a discount. Try doing that at a big box store.

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