Comcast speedy when it wants to be

I stopped by recently to see how my connection is doing. results results

I know that speedboost is supposed to speed up small files, but this much? It absolutely sucks when I’m trying to move a few hundred megs up/down from my servers, but regardless this was pretty damn fast.

What drives me nuts is that they will boost my speed up to 20Mb/second for some small files when I would just settle for 1Mb/second consistantly. If I try to FTP/SFTP a few hundred files to my server, my speeds will drop to dial-up or worse.

Trying to compete on theoretical limits is like trying to compete with free. Don’t do it. Sell me a consistent, reliable, unthrottled connection and I may go with you because I want to instead of the lack of options. Do that, and I’ll be impressed.

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