Roast seagull anyone?

You wouldn’t believe some of the things one can see on Slashdot.

A colleague of mine was a submariner who had this story. They were down for an extended dive, and when they surfaced, they would send a short, dense burst of communications and data on a very powerful microwave uplink – get up, send fast, get back down. It was a very powerful signal – and they would surface to a depth that would get the periscope and the antenna above water, do a quick scan for surface vessels, send the burst and dive. One day they did this and saw thru the periscope there was a gull on the antenna mast. So they would dive to submerge the antenna, the bird should fly away. They resurfaced, and the bird perched on the antenna. They did it again. Bird comes back. Third time. Fourth. Can’t shake the bird. Finally the OD tells them "punch it" and send the microwave burst signal. He said the bird just keeled over and dropped into the water. –jpellino

I’m sorry, that is one of the funniest visuals I’ve ever gotten off of Slashdot. Totally off topic, but would get a +5, funny from me if I had moderator points today.

-Source: Slashdot 

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