Copyrighted Scripture

I can only assume that religious bigotry and prejudice is driving their activity, as there is no altruistic value in posting our copyrighted scriptures, despite Wikileaks’ self-serving statements to the contrary. -[Source] Emphasis is mine

Copyrighting your scriptures as a means to suppress speaks volumes about an organization, especially a religious one. Poor Guttenberg would have been an unknown.

The worst question you can ask me

Single Page ApplicationsAuthor side note: I was originally going to sit down tonight and write part two of my “distractionless browsing” article. In short, I’ve had little to no success with the systems I outlined in my previous article. They are as different and quirky as the mainstream browsers they intend to co-exist with. Instead I’m going go on a little rant about my job as a web application developer.

So, what do you do for a living?

Great… cue eye roll. Here we go…

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Pentium 4’s Emotional Insecurities

I ran the precursor to Folding@Home, SETI@Home, for a number of years. I was excited to see that Folding@Home today passed a milestone and is continuing on strong. One of the comments on Digg though was just to good not to share.

I ran F@H nearly 24/7 on my Pentium 4 for 3.5 years. After I got my ps3 and F@H, I left it on 24/7 and it overtook my P4’s stats in 3.5 weeks. Shamed and insecure about its chiphood, my P4 Desktop ran out and bought a Hummer H2, a really big gun, and started stuffing tubesocks into its heatsink.
JohnMalc on

Hold your horses!

I’ve worked in the IT field for some time now. I haven’t had this happen to me, but I can totally relate.

<Macko>helping out another customer with pc problems on the phone again today
<Macko> after he gave me his specs i told him “hold on for a second”
<Macko> three seconds later he’s like, “ok, that turned my computer off”


Shock and Awe

I hate when things go wrong. Working in IT, people remember when you screw up instead of all the times that things worked fine. This quote represents that ideal better then I can explain it.

If you really think about it, the fact that anything on a computer works is amazing. At a low level, magnets read and write ones and zeros on ridiculously fast rotating platters, and then are assembled into files, which then is stored in memory, which is then passed through a video card and converted into some format that can be displayed on a screen. Throw in networked computers and the potential for signal loss over long distances and the probability that something at some point in the process will fail, and the potential for failure increases exponentially. Maybe I’m alone, but I’m in awe of the fact that my computer doesn’t just randomly catch fire and explode.

Source: Cold. Hard. Credit Report.