Copyrighted Scripture

I can only assume that religious bigotry and prejudice is driving their activity, as there is no altruistic value in posting our copyrighted scriptures, despite Wikileaks’ self-serving statements to the contrary. -[Source] Emphasis is mine

Copyrighting your scriptures as a means to suppress speaks volumes about an organization, especially a religious one. Poor Guttenberg would have been an unknown.

Image Magick with Visual Foxpro

ImageMagick is versatile enough to use from a multitude of languages. Back in January of 2006, I used it in Visual Foxpro 7 to create thumbs and mid size images for an image gallery that ended up not being used. Here is the source to do that.

loMagickImage = Createobject("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage")
lcSourceFile = "C:\uploads\"+Alltrim(gFileList.FILENAME)
lcThumbnailFile = "C:\uploads\thumb_"+Alltrim(gFileList.FILENAME)
lcMidFile = "C:\uploads\mid_"+Alltrim(gFileList.FILENAME)
loMagickImage.Convert("-resize", "x128", lcSourceFile, lcThumbnailFile)
loMagickImage.Convert("-resize", "x512", lcSourceFile, lcMidFile)
loMagickImage = .Null.

Make sure that you check the option labeled “Install ImageMagickObject OLE Control for VBscript, Visual Basic, and WSH” during the install or else you won’t be able to call it from VFP or any other language.