Last word on Prosper

I’m hoping this post will be my final post* on Prosper.

  • Paid off my Prosper loan recently. I’m relieved to end the relationship as a borrower. I’ve put in $50 for a friends loan and it doesn’t have much time left before it too is paid off. Counting the days…
  • OMGWTF?! A negative article about Prosper! About time someone brought a balance to the Force…
  • is still a rough and tumble place. I poke my head in now and again out of curiosity, but nothing more. Looks like they are still beating up bloggers. They must have learned it from Prosper themselves, as they’ve whined at me about my few posts on the subject. You can’t please everyone…

* Unless they do something else that is completely retarded.

A rejected post for the Prosper blog

As always, you can see all of my Prosper coverage in one place.

The Prosper blog invites the public to submit entries and get a t-shirt. Recently a respected member of the Prosper community submitted a post for the Prosper blog. It was rejected with the following message:

Unfortunately Prosper is not able to accept your post for to the Prosper Blog. Many of the sentiments expressed are shared, but we fell it is inappropriate for the blog. We are open to a revised version, but in it’s current form I will be unable to post it to the blog.

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My Prosper experience as an HR borrower

As always, you can see all of my Prosper coverage in one place.

I waited longer then I planned too when it came to writing this entry. Prosper has been on the war path. In just the last few weeks they have:

Back to my regularly scheduled post…

The short version…

Member since May 2006.

HR borrower the first time around, paid it off. ($1,000.00 @ 12.50%)
D borrower second time around, 25% paid off, never late. ($4,500.00 @ 13.50%)

Put $50 into my friends loan.

Emailed (in fairly accusatory tone) by Prosper because I talk about them on this blog. How nice of them to notice. It’s probably because I get a lot of traffic from the search engines on prosper keywords and/or because I am a member. Check my freshly minted stats for proof.

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