Firefox 3.0.1 Encoding Change (Bug?)

So, FF 3.0.1 was seriously pissing me off today. I’ll spare details as not very many people are VFP developers but it came down to something fairly simple.

When a request comes into my web app, I check the CONTENT_TYPE header. Most browsers send this…


Firefox 3.0.1 is sending…

application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8

…which completely threw my program off when using FF3, while IE6/7, Opera, and Safari were working just fine. The program is using jQuery, the form plugin, etc so the problem could have been anywhere.

I finally broke down and asked for help. Rick was nice enough to point out the flaws in my logic and get me back on track.

2.5 hours of pulling my hair out. Grrr!

Comcast speedy when it wants to be

I stopped by recently to see how my connection is doing. results results

I know that speedboost is supposed to speed up small files, but this much? It absolutely sucks when I’m trying to move a few hundred megs up/down from my servers, but regardless this was pretty damn fast.

What drives me nuts is that they will boost my speed up to 20Mb/second for some small files when I would just settle for 1Mb/second consistantly. If I try to FTP/SFTP a few hundred files to my server, my speeds will drop to dial-up or worse.

Trying to compete on theoretical limits is like trying to compete with free. Don’t do it. Sell me a consistent, reliable, unthrottled connection and I may go with you because I want to instead of the lack of options. Do that, and I’ll be impressed.

PC Club closing…again?

Something is up with PC Club…again. We’ve been here before and I think the niche that they fill will be void in their absence, especially here in Salem, Oregon where a majority of the computer shops are either box stores or junk resellers. I’ve seen a couple of new computer stores open, but they don’t seem to have websites or any marketing going on. Here are some strange screenshots from that only seem to reinforce the events.

Only two systems available

Only two systems available

No Stores #1

No Stores #1

No Stores #2

No Stores #2