A Prosper success story..

It’s been brought to my attention that perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on Prosper because I am in fact a twice successful borrower through Prosper. I’ve been meaning for some time to write about my experience as a borrower, but haven’t really fleshed the idea out much yet. I’ll get to work on it…

My experience as an HR borrower on Prosper

1 thought on “A Prosper success story..

  1. Thanks for the posts on Prosper. I am a long time Prosper lender with lots of loans (about 1000) and unfortunately I have become a little disillusioned.

    The forum issue you mentioned is one example of Prosper not being open / transparent. There are also issues with collections, how stats are represented, etc.

    I think the concept is great but this model is not quite ready ……….

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