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The Prosper blog invites the public to submit entries and get a t-shirt. Recently a respected member of the Prosper community submitted a post for the Prosper blog. It was rejected with the following message:

Unfortunately Prosper is not able to accept your post for to the Prosper Blog. Many of the sentiments expressed are shared, but we fell it is inappropriate for the blog. We are open to a revised version, but in it’s current form I will be unable to post it to the blog.

The post was titled “My holiday wish for Prosper.com”, and it goes like this:

If I could wish for just one thing this holiday season when it comes to Prosper.com it would be redacting any changes that lead to the appearance of censorship.

It is my opinion that the appearance of censorship on the part of Prosper.com and its management will be the downfall of Prosper. PMI needs to remember that this is a place where lenders invest their hard earned dollars and where borrowers ask for same. Everything that is done needs to be above board and honest to a fault. This appearance of censorship started when Prosper erased, completely erased, the old forums and installed a new one.

I have kept track and nine out of my last ten posts to the new forums did not meet approval and were not posted. Add to that that Prosper is sending out letters from attorneys to various members, banning anyone who mentions an outside website on Prosper.com, and erasing profiles that do the same and it looks like Prosper operates under a police state.

I want nothing more than for Prosper to succeed and it is my most fervent wish that I can work within Prosper to affect change.

As it stands now until or unless Prosper takes some action to remember who their customers are I won’t be borrowing or lending again. That’s a sad statement for me to make and I hope Prosper realizes I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many of us feel that Prosper has squandered not only the goodwill we once had but also the tremendous talents of their lender and borrower base are the customers who have been with them since the beginning. We all share one common goal: to see Prosper succeed and become the premier site for P2P lending. We hope Prosper shares this goal with us.

I’d like to thank Cushie for allowing me to post this. If you would like to know more you can follow the discussion at Prospers.org, the unofficial Prosper forums.

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