Lunch with the kids

Happy Halloween!

Alex, Caitlin, and Brinley all dressed up for a night of fun…


Gone, but not forgotten: Tanner Hanneman

March 17th, 1982 – August 3rd, 2000


A poem by JoAnna:

Tall and strong
Like his heart was wide
Always gathering friends
Who stood by his side

Constant stories
Drove imaginations wild
So grown up
Yet still a child

Emotionally strong
Never a fear
Yet always a dry shoulder
For a friends lonely tear

Four-bying and fishing
Wild as the sea
A heart so young
A spirit so free

All of his friends
Sisters and brothers
We lost him to his heart
Still he captured many others

Although he’s out reach
Now he’s out of view
He’ll live on in our hearts
Tanner we love you!