Top ten reasons Vista needs to be thrown off a cliff

This is mostly knee jerk, sarcasm, and my pessimism with Windows showing through. Take it with a grain of salt.

I don’t like Vista. That system has been a headache for me since day one. I normally build my own systems, but a local reseller had a really good deal on a system that came with Vista. I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m going to have to learn it eventually, right? Two weeks later I went back to XP.

Top Ten reasons Vista can be thrown over a cliff…

1. I needed to triple boot 2000/XP/Vista. 2000 for dev, xp for games, and Vista for learning. It took me nearly a week to get them all working together. What a nightmare. Normally Ubuntu would also make its way into that list, but with all the difficulty I had getting those 3 to work together, it just wasn’t going to happen.

2. I am (was) a PC gamer. It took me three hours of manual updates/installing/uninstalling/google searches to get a recent game to work. Once it did work, my framerates dropped and there were bugs galore. Several of the big anti-cheating systems dislike working with Vista. I finally got rid of the $2,000+ black hole that was my gaming rig and went back to consoles because of where Vista and games are headed. Now is not a good time to be a PC gamer. DX10 is a joke.

2a. Being a gamer, my system components changed very frequently. WGA never liked me. Ever.

3. Legacy support. “Turn off UAC, run in XP compatibility mode and as an admin” they say! Yeah right.

4. There is still some unanswered questions about strange connections Vista makes back to MS, etc. <puts on tinfoil hat>

5. DRM/HDCP/TPM/HD/Blu-Ray DVDs. Information just wants to be free. It wants a plane at the airport with pilots/fuel to a non-extradition country and nobody gets hurt.

6. Upgrade because it’s pretty. During my show and tell at Mesa you’ll see a very minimalist desktop. I don’t like icons*, animations,* rounded corners*, or constantly moving desktops*. Ubuntu with icewm is my happy place. *But you’ll see most of that in my web apps. I’m such a hypocrite. <s>

7. They increased the price for XP above Vista. Grrr…

8. Office 2007. LOL.

9. You’re an administrator, but not really. Just kidding. Ha Ha.

10. Vista feels like a serial killer child nanny to me. When using Vista… I’m six years old, need my hand held from room to room, get my hand slapped when doing anything naughty, and don’t wake up after being put to sleep (hibernate).

10a. My wife didn’t like it. ’nuff said. <bg>

Going home to pack for Mesa…

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