4 thoughts on “Prosper: A failed vision

  1. Any place that HR borrowers can squeeze more money out of will attract their attention. It’s about being smart and sticking with the higher credit grades.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I don’t think that is necessarily true. I’ve seen some pretty amazing AA and A credit grades default, some without making a single payment. I’m an HR borrower on my second loan and haven’t had a late payment yet. HR borrowers have the worst rep, of course, but pound for pound I’m not sure they have the worst performance. Something I need to check out on ericscc.com or lendingstats.com.

  3. the worst part of prosper is not the borrowers. I am making 15.09% all 100% current. The problem is the accounting games they play. Your account value is always less than loaned principal because they double count principle reinvested.
    i cannot get a straight answer out of them as to how they figure out the fuzzy math.

    they also removed ROI% so you have no clue how much you have as net investment dollars
    lensingstats.com not much better their numbers don’t jive either and the filters on their chart search do not work

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Greg. Do you have any better luck with ericscc.com? What do you think about the recent changes like hidden listings, removal of PII, and second loans?

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