Beware of blood clots

crystal_clear_mimetype_readme.JPGSarah had to go to the emergency room last night for about five hours. She was having a sharp pain behind her knee and her foot was tingling. The doctors quickly diagnosed a blood clot behind he knee with an ultrasound. Tourniquets were placed above and below her knee. A laser was then used to destroy the clot. She is feeling better today, but will be sore at the treatment site for a few days. If you follow this blog (RSS), you may know that we just returned from a three day trip to Phoenix. Economy Class Syndrome is the likely culprit. She was anemic before the pregnancy and at this stage of the pregnancy her blood is 25-40% thicker then normal. All of this compounded to a trip to Salem Hospital with , luckily, a good outcome. Here are some resources about blood clots in general and DVT in particular:

Stay safe out there everyone!

*This public service message brought to you by my sleepless night and concern for a loved one

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