It’s a girl!

Sarah and I just got back from the hospital where we got to take a look at our 20 week baby. We’re about half way through and everything is looking good. About 40 minutes into the checkup we learned that we’re having a girl. Yea! I was right! Alex is going to be outnumbered now 2 to 1, poor kid!

Here are the ultrasound pictures:

Ultrasound 1

Ultrasound 2

Ultrasound 3

Brinlee Madison or maybe Bailey Lynn Brinlee Marie Kester, we’re still working on names.

Woot woot!

3 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. According to my husband the impending daughter shall be named Brinlee Marie Kester when in all actuality her name is going to be Brinley Rose Kester.(Mine is the correct spelling too)

    We could agree on the first name, I got the middle name and i suppose because he is the dad after all he could have the last name.

    There that ought to cover it all……

  2. Wow, so that makes 3? Quite the family you have going there Loves. =^-^= *meow* Go you guys.

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