Prosper: A failed vision. Part 2.

As always, you can see all of my Prosper coverage in one place.

Sometimes I wish I could know what Prosper (PMI) was thinking. They have deleted two years of public forums to rewrite history and censor opinions. The new forum is so heavily moderated that nothing, except cheerleaders, can get through their required moderation. Lucky for lenders, some of the data has been archived. It is a tough process, but several veteran members are doing what they can to make sure that Prosper can’t hide from the truth.

To that end, here are some other resources on Prosper if you haven’t found them already.

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  2. And now Prosper has had its lawyer send a threatening letter to the company that registered the domain name for (which, among other things, hosts the archive of the old Prosper forum), seeking to have the website shut down and the domain name transfered to Prosper on the baseless grounds that “” violates the cybersquatting and trademark laws. The letter also purports to prohibit the registration of any domain name with “prosper” or “any substantially similar imitation thereof” in it. The letter is posted at: Just amazing.

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