Holy cow! I got Stumbled…again!

SUSo I’m sitting here on my couch watching the Jeopardy Teen Tournament when I decided to check my mint stats. I immediately noticed that I had 1,500 hits recently. I thought something was wrong, logged into my Media Temple control panel and mint install to see where it was all coming from…

Welcome Stumblers!

A StumbleUpon user by the name of TheMobiBlog was nice enough to submit my site under website reviews to SU. Thank you! Be sure to stop by his blog to read up on the latest mobile headlines.

I’ve been working on some more content lately, but just haven’t had time to finish it up and post it. I’m going to cover some basics of jQuery, WordPress versatility, and can’t wait to announce the birth of my daughter, Brinley, if she ever gets here.

My last big stumble to my site was about Gaming StumbleUpon. I had over 6,500 visitors to that article, I was spent the whole time refreshing my stats as the traffic poured in. If you’ve never been here before, feel free to take a look at some other popular posts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Shaun “SKFox” Kester

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