gMail Temporary Error #502

Great. gMail is down on my account with a Temporary Error #502. Just what I needed.

Update #1: …and it is back up. 50 minutes of downtime, that was no fun. Emails are starting to trickle in, looks like nothing was lost. All the same, I enabled POP3 and am keeping a local copy of the message from now on.

7 thoughts on “gMail Temporary Error #502

  1. Crazy. I just thought I’d surf for some blogs to see if others were getting the 502 error. Its been down for 20 minutes now. Wonder when they’ll get it back up…

  2. April 29, 2008, 09:49 EST, GMail 502 Error

    Can’t access my GMail.
    I guess the googlianaires have 2 many customers, are mking have 2 many g-dollars. And, don’t have enough ppl to help with mail.

    Quick send ur resumes!

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  7. temp error 502. Five hours with this. August 22. Maybe I will start to automatically forward all my emails to another web based mail, maybe mail2web. This way if Gmails brokes down again, I can still reach my emails accessing to my back up mail…. damn

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