Another major gMail 502 outage

Earlier this week I saw about 300 visits over a 24 hour period from people searching for solutions to the error message they were getting when logging into Gmail. I have seen over 800 in the last hour. Sure enough, my gmail is out too with a Temporary Error (502). POP3 seems to be working. Following my survival guide, I checked the Gmail google group. The issue for today, 11 August 2008, is a known issue with the web interface, they acknowledge that POP3 and IMAP are still working.

Here is to all of you and myself, let us hope it comes back up soon.

Update 1: Mine is back up after about an hour. Anybody else?

Update 2: 2,000+ hits in an hour because of this. Media Temple server holding up nicely.

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10 thoughts on “Another major gMail 502 outage

  1. My first (panicked) search turned up your earlier post. My second (irritated) search turned up this one. Clearly their indexer is still working, at least.

    As it turns out the gmail notifier (on mac, in my case) is still working – perhaps this uses one of the mail protos.

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  3. It is still a problem — I got hit this morning. Service has been sporadic. I use IMAP. So that comment about it not affecting IMAP? It may have been true 3 days ago, but it’s not true today…. What’s going on?

  4. Who knows, there haven’t been any official updates, but I’ve been seeing search traffic on it again. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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