Website hosting follow-up

Just some random thoughts on website hosting…

I keep checking the Media Temple System Status page by hitting F5 repeatedly. I’m having Account Center withdrawals, it has been down all morning. All of my sites are still up, just the control panel is taking a day off. They give us customers such neat tools that not being able to check in on them is frustrating. Despite their occasional stability issues, I still like Media Temple. I got some schwag recently and even though nobody knows what (mt) is, I can feel my geek cred go +1 whenever I wear my (mt) shirt.

Magics Hosting continues to do a great job of keeping my client sites up. They really make hosting an easy, no thinking required, job. Thanks Guys!

Sean from Template Fusion was having a crappy time with his most recent host. I don’t know what their problem was, but I can’t stand to see a young designer getting shafted by his host, so I put him on my Magics Hosting server. As far as I know, his server has been problem free and his templates site has been humming along ever since.

Darren from Problogger recently crowd sourced a question about webhosting. He has gotten 200+ responses as of this post. I read through all of them and noticed a lot of (mt) users, dreamhost, GoDaddy, etc. Also a lot of comments about WordPress (whatever that has to do with the question…). WordPress gets a lot of crap, but I love it.

Still dying to try either Slicehost or GoGrid. Could be a fun, albeit expensive, habit.

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