Gmail 502 Outage [February 2009]

Sounds like Google Apps is the culprit this time. Marco brought it to my attention this morning, hat tip to you!  I’ll have to take a look at this in depth, and update my Gmail Outage guide to reflect the new options that Google Gears provides when used in conjunction with Gmail.

Other coverage:

Update: Check out the new Google Apps dashboard for the latest from several of the gApps.

Olympic Costs?

My wife wondered what hosting the modern Olympics cost a nation. My GoogleFu has initially failed me, but I think I’ve found some rough estimates. If anybody can fill in the details or find better estimates, please leave me a comment.

  • 2008 Beijing: $42 billion
  • 2006 Turino: ?
  • 2004 Athens: $15 billion
  • 2002 Salt Lake City: $1.3 billion
  • 2000 Sydney: $3.4 billion
  • 1998 Nagano: ?
  • 1996 Atlanta: $1.8 billion
  • 1994 Lillehammer: ?
  • 1992 Barcelona: ?
  • 1992 Albertville: ?