PC Club closing effective immediately!

KGW is running a story that PC Club is shuttering their doors effective immediately. I quickly called the local Salem store and talked to one of my favorite techs there, Adam. He confirmed the story. I hesitated for a few moments out of shock. I regained my thought processes and thanked him for all his help over the years and wished him luck. It is a sad day for Salem. Our computer stores are dominated by big box chains and junk resellers. If anybody knows of a good store in Salem where I can get parts and advice, I’d love to know about it. Otherwise, newegg.com is by new best friend. For the parts at least…

idTabs Updated for jQuery

Sean Catchpole recently updated his idTabs plugin. I wrote about version 1 some time ago, but haven’t really looked at it since. Come to think of it, I should have subscribed to his RSS feed…done.

As jQuery.UI is still in beta and the tabs demo is broken, I didn’t want to jump into that yet (Rick has), just for a simple tab interface. Klaus has depreciated his tab plugin too in favor of jQuery.UI. The idTabs plugin made it too easy to plugin to my unordered list and it just works without lots of extraneous code.

Thanks Sean!