Still Alive

I’m still alive and kicking, how about all of you?

I started a new job on January 1st and have been head down in code ever since. VFP and jQuery are still my languages, but I get to work on far more interesting projects these days. I work from home now, and if you have the discipline for it, I highly recommend it. The biggest benefit is that I get to hang out with the kids more.

Playing with the kids

Playing with the kids

Things I need to work on (as far as my blog goes):

  • Do some more talking about the awesomeness that is jQuery.
  • Update my Latency Tracker plugin and make it ready for release as a formal WordPress plugin.
  • More jQuery examples.
  • Bonus: More embarassing pictures of the kids.

New website

I was excited to get a chance to work on a new website off/on for the last few months. The Salem Clinic website hasn’t been redone since 2001 and needed a face lift. Thanks to help from members of the Open Designs community it was finally completed in December 0f 2007 and launched in January 2008.  It is all pretty standard PHP on the back end and use jQuery on the front end. WordPress handles all of the content, links, and blog. I’ve covered WordPress as a CMS before if you missed it.

Old Site

Old Website

New Site

New Website