How-To: Get an unordered list of posts from WP

This is a simple tip, mostly for myself, with hopes that it will help a future googler. To show the three most recent article titles from wordpress in a non-wordpress page, do the following:

index.php (non-wordpress PHP page)

<ul><?php include(“GetNews.php”); ?></ul>





Simple enough if you want to just show headlines with links to the post page.

Save that PDF

pdf_icon.jpgEver had to fill a PDF in and print it? Frustrated that you couldn’t save it? This is a great trick for online job apps, requests for information, or anytime your experience this dilemma. The easiest solution I’ve found it to install a third party PDF printer to print your file to. I recommend PDFcreator,  this free open source PDF printer will allow you to print anything from Windows to a PDF document to save to your hard drive, email, or copy to CD. Just fill out your newly downloaded PDF form, type in your information, then print to the PDFcreator.