WordPress as a CMS

I’ve been working on a public website over these last few months and one of the issues I faced was what mechanism to use so that our users could edit the content of some of the pages. I’ve been using WordPress successfully for awhile now on this site, and it somehow popped into my head that I could also use WordPress as a CMS, not just a blogging system. I blogged a couple days about how to get an unordered list of posts from WP. Now for how to use WP as a link manager and content editor. Continue reading

How-To: Get an unordered list of posts from WP

This is a simple tip, mostly for myself, with hopes that it will help a future googler. To show the three most recent article titles from wordpress in a non-wordpress page, do the following:

index.php (non-wordpress PHP page)

<ul><?php include(“GetNews.php”); ?></ul>





Simple enough if you want to just show headlines with links to the post page.

Learning jQuery

Learning jQuery


As a longtime jQuery user I was excited to take some time to read and review two new jQuery books. Packt Publishing provided me free copies of Learning jQuery and the jQuery Reference Guide. I spent most of October reading through them and making the most of my first book review experience. In short, these are both excellent books and getting them together will benefit a developer of any skill level. This review will focus on the books, but is equally a review of the jQuery javascript framework.

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