Ajax Calendar with Visual Foxpro and jQuery

Per a request and for a little bit of fun, I created a flat ajax calendar with jQuery and Visual Foxpro for use with the Web Connection framework. This demo allows you to load a calendar and it’s navigation via ajax and edit events without time consuming page reloads.

You can add an event to each day by clicking the small ‘edit’ button next to the day number. I haven’t included anything like security, users, authentication, etc. but I think it is flexible enough too. This comes straight out of my intranet app, so may be a little rough around the edges as I had to generalize it for demo purposes.

Update (08/06/2008): Fixed the download link. Oops.

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It’s that time again…gMail down with 502

You’ve seen it here before, and it has come around for another pass. My gmail is down with a “Temporary Error 502. I had noticed an up-tick in the search traffic on the subject lately, but was hoping not to get bitten (again).

Update: Weird. That literally lasted four minutes. I hope everyone else is that lucky.

WordPress 2.6 Rocks!

I installed WordPress 2.6 to my test bed tonight. First impression: wow! Gears makes admin tasks much faster, previewing a theme is very handy, and the small tweaks in the plugins and media managers are great. I’ll wait a few days to install it here and over at SKFoxy, but if first impressions are any measurement, 2.6 will be a great milestone.