Must have jQuery plugins [July 2008]

Here is my current list of must have jQuery plugins as of July 2008. I don’t start a project without the latest version of these plugins in my javascript directory.

  • Impromptu
    BlockUI from Mike Alsup is awesome, this is just a little lighter and less code for relatively simple dialogs.
  • Cycle
    Mike Alsup has another winner here. Great for animated image slideshows.
  • Cookies
    A super easy way to manage cookies the jQuery way.
  • Lava Lamp Menu
    This menu showcases a very unique lava lamp effect on hover.
  • Table Sorter
    This plugin has it all: Multi-column sorting, paging, and striping.
  • Autocomplete
    This stalwart of jQuery plugin has been recently updated and is as useful as ever.

More information

Don’t forget to check out my list from May 2008 and my list of jQuery Twitter’ers.

CDBurnerXP Statistics [June 2008]

CDBurner LogoI’m proud to do my part in supporting free software. I’ve compiled the statistics for the month of June for the CDBurnerXP downloads. The total is back down below 1TB for the first time in awhile.

This Month (June 2008)
480,784 requests using 885.97 GB of bandwidth.

Last Month (May 2008)
581,117 requests using 1.03 TB of bandwidth.

As always, you can learn more about this great CD burning software at their website,

Following jQuery on Twitter

The Weblog Tools Collections made a list of people in the WordPress community that it recommends you follow on Twitter. I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so I thought I’d compile a list of jQuery-centric people that you should follow on Twitter in no particular order…

…and of course, the official jQuery and jQuery UI Twitter feeds…

…finally, you can follow me on Twitter too.

If I’ve forgotten any, please let me know in the comments. The jQuery community is growing leaps and bounds every day, and it is hard to keep up on all of them.