It’ll play a mean game of solitare

I’ve seen countless systems labeled “Made for Gaming” followed quickly by “plays World of Warcraft”. Have you seen the minimum specs for WoW? I’m pretty sure a beefy netbook could play it. My second favorite part of this ad is the overclocking. You overclocked a Celeron? Congratulations, you’ve upgraded from a crap processor to a barely mediocre processor. Turning hyperthreading off to get that few extra megahertz is really just a well aimed shot to the foot.

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3.08ghz intel celeron d can be over clocked to 3.50ghz with hyper threading technology off in bios

has hyper threading technology

over clockable pci-e and cpu and ram

800 mhz fsb

512mb ddr 2 400mhz memory

fresh copy of xp * They go stale?

200 gigs of ide hard drive space

dvd drive “burn cds!”

front usb ports “x2”

back usb ports “x8 with pci to usb hub card installed”

neon lights “red and purple”

multi colored led fan

floppy drive connector

Fans inside X2 “90mm”

Side Fan “X1 80mm fan multi colored”

400 watt power supply “500 max with 28 amps on 12vlt rail”

sry for the 2002/1/01 date my camera is screwed up

call adrian

will negotiate for price or trade for pc or laptop *Good luck with that

Sony is the Apple of the PC world

Sony computers have always been over priced for the features they offered. The seller seems to think that continues once they sell it to someone else.

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Comes with 2.1 surround sound speaker system, computer has DVD/ DVD rw drive and cd/cdrw drive. Lots of USB ports in front and back. Video inputs and s video input, memory stick pro.
Pentium 4 processor 3.00GHz
512 MB RAM
145GB Hard drive
Windows XP.
Was bought back in 2005.
$800 OBO

$800 will buy a very nice desktop these days. Most computers in this price range will come with a 500GB hard drive, 6GB of RAM, a dual or even quad core processor, and a nice dedicated graphics card.

I think you’d have to price this down for less then $100 before it becomes tempting. Even then, there isn’t a lot of utility there.

An AMD Dragon with bite

It may have cost you $3,500 new, and you may want $2,000 for it now, but has it for a lot less. It’s even guaranteed smudge and dust free.

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HIGH END CUSTOM BUILT AMD DRAGON PLATFORM GAMING COMPUTERUp for sale is my baby, a custom built AMD/ATI Dragon platform system that will blast threw any game you own. I dont want to get rid of it but times are tough and i need the money for bills.;( All parts are in NEWER shape(all parts as less that 6 months old except monitor ). I have put over $3,500 into it and is no joke, will load windows in about 45 sec. Pc Pitstop benchmarks in top 2%. Asking $2,000 obo , cash only (no cashers checks, money orders or paypal), no shipping, and i will not part it out.
Would make a GREAT christmas gift for the gamer in your life. all you would need are speakers. If i get the asking price i will throw in some games,(Far Cry, Hell Gate, Crysis, DemiGod & The Sims 3)
System includes,

AMD Phenom II 955BE CPU 3.2GHZ x 4 Cores ( will overclock to 3.79GHZ stable)
Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler
Asus M4A79T Deluxe motherboard
Patriot Gamer series DDR3 1600Mz ram 4 X 2Gigs (total 8 Gigs!)
Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB (TerraByte = 1000 gigs )
Asus SATA DVD rom drive
ATI Radeon HD 4890 Video Card with 1Gig video memory
Silver Stone 1000w modular power supply(it got enough juce to add another 4890 card for crossfire)
Antec 900 II Gamer Case with 4 120mm fans and 1 200mm fan on top, case stays nice and cool 🙂
Logitech Cordless wave keyboard & wireless lazer mouse
Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 game pad
Hanns-G 21″ HDMI monitor

Drum roll please…

The Newegg Total: $1,526.33

Prices at Newegg. Click to view

Prices at Newegg. Click for full version.

It’s not as bad as some, but I think they need to discount it further before someone will even consider this. Overall, it’s a high performance system, just not at the right price.

Doubling Down

I understand being out of work, needing money for rent, and having to part with your favorite desktop. I’ve been there before. However, your desperation does not a good deal make.


Ohh, pretty colors…

That’s about the only thing going for this desktop. When they said that they “spent a lot of time and money investing in this rig”, they apparently thought that meant that they would get back all that they put into it. Sadly, technology depreciates worse then cars, houses, and Twinkies.

Lucky for us, Newegg has all of the parts (except the motherboard). I found the motherboard on eBay for <$100.


All told, you could put this together now for about $1,200 “new”. Your ~2 years of sentimental value and wear/tear isn’t worth $800 more.