Low balling by design for a design

Browsing the computer hardware section as usual, I came across this ad. Now, this isn’t the usual fare for DBTC, but I thought it worth ranting about.

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My name is Ro and I looking for someone who can build me a website. I’m looking for someone with the following skills:-Building a squeeze page with shopping cart, autoresponder, affiliate links, email submit button, a few video/audio, opt-in page, blogger, float-in….
-Recommend a good free hosting site
-Help registering a domain
-4 to 5 hours monthly maintenance

Please also let me know your pricing…

Thank you.

Everything about this ad bothers me.

Computer Gigs is probably more appropriate for this kind of thing. Still, go where the eyeballs are I guess.

They are going to need a designer/developer to build in all of these features. One could probably whip them together pretty quickly in Drupal or WordPress, but that’s not the point.

It also smells like somebody whispered in their ear that they could make tons of money from home by setting up an “links/affiliate/made for adsense” site that guarantees them instant riches overnight. Registering a domain is nearly a mainstream thing these days. Yet, it still amazes me how many local businesses still want you to email them at their hotmail, aol, or juno accounts. However, that’s a rant saved for another day.

Finally, ask yourself this. How much are you going to get paid by someone that wants to setup a spammy link site on a free web host? Webhosting is dirt cheap these days. You can even get free domains with a hosting purchase at most places.

Maybe I got it all wrong. Perhaps my cynical side gets tripped too easily these days. Regardless, this deal could go to hell real quick.


Linux Tax

I’ve heard of the Microsoft tax before, but this seller thinks it applies to Linux computers too.  This hardware is way overpriced, regardless of the Operating System. I’ll leave it up to the reader to see just how old RH 4.2 is.

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Linux with Red Hat 3.4, 4.2, 3.5 inch Floppy 1.4 Meg. Ethernet card (DSL and Networking) 56k Modem, 40 G.bite Hard drive, 2.4 GHz processor, 512 Meg. RAM, 32 Meg. Video Card, CD Read/Write 700 Meg.. Comes with mouse, SanDisk Flash Reader, Keyboard and NEC LCD 1715 17 inch Flat Screen Monitor, dual Speakers and All Cabling. Excellent Condition. Fully Functional. Ready to use. Paid $1,700.00 will sell for $500.00 Cash, Firm price.

$240 elsewhere, $165 from me, or $80 from Newegg. Your Choice!

There are a lot of numbers here, but this person should have checked theirs better. Talk about some fuzzy math.

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Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B HDT721010SLA360 1TB Hard Drive retails at $240.00 when you buy online, Check pricing here http://hitachigst.pgpartner.com/search_getprod.php?vcode=HIT&partnum=0A38016. I am asking $165.00 OBO. This hard drive is brand new and comes with all the cables. I am needing some Christmas cash for my little ones so I am willing to negotiate the price to get it sold. This is a great deal and a great product. Call me at (***) ***-**** or reply to this posting.

You could buy two from Newegg for the price he wants:

1TB Hitachi Hard Drive - $79.99

1TB Hitachi Hard Drive - $79.99

It’ll play a mean game of solitare

I’ve seen countless systems labeled “Made for Gaming” followed quickly by “plays World of Warcraft”. Have you seen the minimum specs for WoW? I’m pretty sure a beefy netbook could play it. My second favorite part of this ad is the overclocking. You overclocked a Celeron? Congratulations, you’ve upgraded from a crap processor to a barely mediocre processor. Turning hyperthreading off to get that few extra megahertz is really just a well aimed shot to the foot.

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The Ad. Click for full version.

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3.08ghz intel celeron d can be over clocked to 3.50ghz with hyper threading technology off in bios

has hyper threading technology

over clockable pci-e and cpu and ram

800 mhz fsb

512mb ddr 2 400mhz memory

fresh copy of xp * They go stale?

200 gigs of ide hard drive space

dvd drive “burn cds!”

front usb ports “x2”

back usb ports “x8 with pci to usb hub card installed”

neon lights “red and purple”

multi colored led fan

floppy drive connector

Fans inside X2 “90mm”

Side Fan “X1 80mm fan multi colored”

400 watt power supply “500 max with 28 amps on 12vlt rail”

sry for the 2002/1/01 date my camera is screwed up

call adrian

will negotiate for price or trade for pc or laptop *Good luck with that