It’ll play a mean game of solitare

I’ve seen countless systems labeled “Made for Gaming” followed quickly by “plays World of Warcraft”. Have you seen the minimum specs for WoW? I’m pretty sure a beefy netbook could play it. My second favorite part of this ad is the overclocking. You overclocked a Celeron? Congratulations, you’ve upgraded from a crap processor to a barely mediocre processor. Turning hyperthreading off to get that few extra megahertz is really just a well aimed shot to the foot.

The Ad. Click for full version.

The Ad. Click for full version.

Ad Text

3.08ghz intel celeron d can be over clocked to 3.50ghz with hyper threading technology off in bios

has hyper threading technology

over clockable pci-e and cpu and ram

800 mhz fsb

512mb ddr 2 400mhz memory

fresh copy of xp * They go stale?

200 gigs of ide hard drive space

dvd drive “burn cds!”

front usb ports “x2”

back usb ports “x8 with pci to usb hub card installed”

neon lights “red and purple”

multi colored led fan

floppy drive connector

Fans inside X2 “90mm”

Side Fan “X1 80mm fan multi colored”

400 watt power supply “500 max with 28 amps on 12vlt rail”

sry for the 2002/1/01 date my camera is screwed up

call adrian

will negotiate for price or trade for pc or laptop *Good luck with that